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Another Excerpt from Rejecting My Family's Inheritance

Here's another featured poem from Rejecting My Family's Inheritance


Tales of boo hags riding energy from its victims in their sleep,

The Plat-eye shapeshifting to harass anyone who sowed what they reaped,

Evil witches who cast spells for the miscreants and creeps

And magic that entraps stubborn hearts for the cheats

Haint-blue or indigo-colored porch ceilings, doors, shutters, and houses to keep out evil

Blue bottle trees to catch the Plat-eye ‘til the sun burns them like diesel

Rootworkers with dark magic were hexing devils

All the stories and practices we heard were medieval

Gullah-Geechee folklore, traditions, and folk rituals

Painted in imagery to create a painting of distorted visuals

These customs and practices became habitual

The negative views we were taught about our culture were the residual

The Gullah-Geechee people are eclectic people whose tongues are said to be dangerous

Our voices are powerful, and we speak an ethereal language

Unique African Americans with our own English

Words with wisdom from our souls that they want to blanket

Colorful culture and rare connections to spirituality

Extraordinary twang in our tone and sing-song cadency

Misunderstood traditions that were passed down laxity

Root isn’t inherently evil in any capacity

Hoodoo, Voodoo, or whatever you want to name it

If held in soiled hands, how can you blame it?

White witch doctors exist to right the wrongs of the darkness that claim it

Magic belongs in hands of hearts that can tame it

Rootwork is an intricate part of a culture that was said to be diluted

They use excuses to escape accountability for the things they polluted

The potency still lives in those of us that are better suited

With belief, love, compassion, and education we will forever be rooted

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