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The Art of Feeling

An Ode to Love_ P.S. I'll Always Love Yo

An Ode to Love: P.S. I Will Always Love You

Rejecting My Family's Inheritance eBook

Rejecting My Family's Inheritance

The Art of Feeling is a collection of poetry that expresses the emotions of a vulnerable heart. It embraces all of the goodness and ugliness of humanity, and the waves of emotions our hearts experience with each feeling that we feel.


Dive into the depths of your emotions through the author's words and accept everything that dwells inside you.

An Ode to Love: P.S. I'll Always Love You is a collection of love poems that are dedicated to everlasting love. From the voice of a fickle heart to the ears of a fearful soul, I will always love you. But I won't always be the part of me that loved you so desperately.


Connect with the author as she tells a romantic tale through love poems from her heart to love's ears.

Rejecting My Family's Inheritance is a collection of poetry that addresses generational curses, struggles in black families and in the black community, black feminism, and the struggles of being a black woman in a patriarchal society.


It also celebrates blackness, black empowerment, generational wealth, and tapping into the divine femininity.


Connect with the author as she takes you on her journey as she navigates through American society as a black woman.

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After the Hurricane eBook Cover.png
Beautiful Disaster eBook Cover.png
Pretty Privilege
After the Hurricane
Beautiful Disaster
In Who Do You Love? Jarrah’s Choice, book 5 of the Two Monogamous series, Dario is forced to pay the consequences for his crimes as he tries to figure out who dropped the ball on him. Dustin stresses over his brother’s fate while he deals with Jarrah’s grief, and his unforgivable indiscretions. Theresa and Andrius work on their relationship as Andrius tries to find his role within the group, and his purpose in life. Deandra seeks retribution for her husband as she figures out how to bring her little family back together again. Jerrell battles between his old self and the person he has become since Jarrah comes into his life and creates a domino effect, giving him back everything he lost. Ms. Carter comes to Chicago to find her son, Quincy, only to learn that he’s been killed, and she’s faced with a past mistake she can’t outrun. Annalise struggles to be the backbone of her family as the nightmare of her life returns with a vengeance.  Jarrah deals with the loss of her beloved mother while facing the realities of her life with the twins. As she gets closer to them, it becomes challenging to decide where her heart lies. Will Jarrah be able to choose who she loves most? Or will her history with them continue to repeat itself?
Pretty Privilege is book 1 in S. R. Graham's new novella series! In Pretty Privilege, Zuri Natrice Hall, a beautiful 18-year-old Miss High School USA winner faces the realities of life when she goes off to college. Zuri first sees her college journey as a way to be free of her high standing family's control. Being a Hall comes with great perks, but it also can be lonely. Being paraded across beauty pageant stages, commercial sets, and in the streets of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina makes her feel like a caged bird. So, she longed for the freedom she would get being hours away from her family. However, college proves to come with its own difficulties for a gorgeous girl like her when she is coveted by an insistent, spoiled, rich boy named Dexter Malone Jr. How will Zuri handle Dexter's harassment as she embarks on her new journey at South Carolina State University?
In the Two Monogamous series, Quincy is known for his villainous qualities. However, in this book, you get to see him in a new light as he deals with his life after his divorce from Jarrah. Being the one that asked for the divorce, Quincy takes this time away from Jarrah to search for someone who can give him what he is looking for in a woman. Jarrah's inability to produce his children makes him resent her, so he feels like he owes it to himself to find a children-bearing woman elsewhere. Well, those were his plans until his private investigator informs him that his ex-wife has formed a new relationship with a more eligible bachelor than him. Hearing this makes Quincy instantly regret his decision to allow Jarrah to move to Chicago, and he vows to do all he can to get his wife back. In his quest to bring Jarrah back home to Atlanta, Quincy runs into some people who will shape his life into something unrecognizable to him. However, after Jarrah puts a stop to the war between the Vargas brothers and their enemies, Quincy has to deal with his failures after the disastrous hurricane he caused for Jarrah, Dario, and Dustin. Will he redeem himself on his journey to forgiveness? Or will his unwillingness to let go take him on a dark path he can't come back from? 
Blue-Eyed Blind Vengeance eBook Cover.png
Blue-Eyed Blind Vengeance
Confessions of a Heartless Soul EBook Cover.png
Confessions of
a heartless soul
Caine & Abel eBook Cover.png
Caine & ABel
Blue-Eyed Blind Vengeance shifts the perspective of the main storyline of the Two Monogamous series as it focuses on Deandra Dennis-Moureau and Jerrell Bossiere. In this book, you get to see the other side of things as the characters deal with the aftermath of the war between the Vargas brothers and their frenemies. As Deandra deal with her insecurities about Jerrell choosing to resolve things with the twins, and set aside his desire for revenge, she gets herself into some trouble that forces her to turn to the very people she hates. As Jerrell and his friends become the target of a new enemy, Deandra finds herself in the middle of danger. In the midst of this war, her marriage is in jeopardy when Jerrell finds out what she had been up to while he was in prison. Deandra now has to deal with the consequences of her jealousy towards Jarrah, the Vargas twins, and Jerrell's family as they fight together against a new enemy. Will Deandra be able to keep her marriage afloat while fighting to keep her frenemies, and her new family alive? Or will she lose it all and be left alone in the world yet again?
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