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The Art of Feeling

An Ode to Love_ P.S. I'll Always Love Yo

An Ode to Love: P.S. I Will Always Love You

Rejecting My Family's Inheritance eBook

Rejecting My Family's Inheritance

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Two Monogamous


Face Off

The Art of Feeling is a collection of poetry that expresses the emotions of a vulnerable heart. It embraces all of the goodness and ugliness of humanity, and the waves of emotions our hearts experience with each feeling that we feel.


Dive into the depths of your emotions through the author's words and accept everything that dwells inside you.

An Ode to Love: P.S. I'll Always Love You is a collection of love poems that are dedicated to everlasting love. From the voice of a fickle heart to the ears of a fearful soul, I will always love you. But I won't always be the part of me that loved you so desperately.


Connect with the author as she tells a romantic tale through love poems from her heart to love's ears.

Rejecting My Family's Inheritance is a collection of poetry that addresses generational curses, struggles in black families and in the black community, black feminism, and the struggles of being a black woman in a patriarchal society.


It also celebrates blackness, black empowerment, generational wealth, and tapping into the divine femininity.


Connect with the author as she takes you on her journey as she navigates through American society as a black woman.