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About S.R.Graham

S. R. Graham was born on October 1990 in South Carolina, where she still lives. She has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and English attained at Southern New Hampshire University. She is a versatile writer, creating anything from poetry to screenplays. She is the author of the Two Monogamous series and sub-series. S. R. Graham also writes poetry and original screenplays. She has been a published author since 2014, with her first poetry collection, Journey to Love, being her first published book. Currently, she is still writing the Two Monogamous series, poetry collections, and her new novella series, Pretty Privilege, amongst other creative projects. S. R. Graham is a lover of anime, horror films, music, and painting. Some of her hobbies include photography, vlogging, graphic design, clothing design, and reading. Subscribe to her mailing list down below so you can be updated about her future works and other news.


Fun Fact: 1

S. R. Graham is an anime fan!

Some of her favorite anime are: One Piece, Inuyasha, Bleach. Hunter x Hunter, Your Lie in April, Given, and so many more.

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