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Another Sneak Peek of After the Hurricane

Here's another sneak peek of After the Hurricane

Excerpt from Chapter 8: A New Thrill

After leaving my hotel, The Carter, I drove over to Dave’s Bar & Grill for a meeting. Last night’s debacle with Donald left a bad taste in my mouth. However, I had to put it behind me to get back on my businessman shit. I was determined to rebuild my wealth and I knew the best way to do that was to expand. I had three hotels in Atlanta already, but it was time for me to take my franchise out of state. Atlanta was a strong start, but I wanted my franchise to reach various parts of the country, and if I were successful enough, I’d build one overseas. Jarrah not being around may have made me uncomfortable, but it didn’t discourage my ambition. I was ambitious before I met her. She was just the battery in my back that kept me motivated and on track. Handling my business, myself was a lot of responsibility, but I would get used to it in time. I still had to hire a new assistant since I got rid of Kiandra’s ridiculous ass. After dealing with her bullshit, I had been a little nervous about bringing someone else in. It was scary as hell to think of the things people would do to take you down when they weren’t happy with the way you handled things with them. I was a successful black man in America, so I always had to be weary of enemies. People would do and say anything to fuck things up for me when I wouldn’t bend to their will. I learned my lesson for sure, so I knew not to mix business with pleasure again.

As I sat at my table in the bar and waited for my guests to arrive, I thought about what I would do to handle the Donald situation. I couldn’t pay him off since I didn’t have the kind of money that would get him off my back for good, so money was out of the question. I was starting from nothing, so I needed to build my nest egg back up before I could do shit like that again. Donald was after blood for his sister’s murder, so money wouldn’t have been enough anyway. He was dealing with being ostracized from his family since his sister got killed under his watch, so he was desperate for a way to get back in his father’s good graces. A light bulb went off in my head as I thought things over. If I could get Donald to go for it, then I may have found my solution to the problem. After the day I spent with Jarrah yesterday, there was no way I was going to insert myself back into that drama. Getting her to forgive me was a dream come true. Besides, I had bigger things to worry about than something as petty as some revenge. I was on a mission to gain my wealth back, so I needed to focus on my businesses.

As I checked the time on my cell phone, I could feel someone looking at me. I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned my attention to my accountant Aurora, who was staring at me from a few tables over. She was looking at me like she wanted to ravage me in the middle of the bar. I nodded my head at her and flashed her a devious smile. Her eyes pervaded my mind, and suddenly I was hypnotized. She was fine as hell in the teal blue bodycon dress she was wearing. I had been staring so hard that I didn’t realize she was sitting in front of a man whose back was facing me. I assumed he was her husband, and I immediately understood why she had been throwing her pussy at me like she was Tom Brady. The man she was sitting with was a short chubby white man who looked like he played video games in his mother’s basement and hacked into beautiful women’s camera phones to spy on them. She was too beautiful to be with a man like that which made me assume he was rich. I could have been wrong, but I doubted it. Women who looked like her only dated men like that if they had much to gain. The man was so focused on chasing his peas around his plate he hadn’t even noticed Aurora eye fucking me. I dodged her advances the first time, but since I saw what she had to go home to every night, I almost felt bad enough to put this dick in her.

For a second, she turned her attention to what I assumed was her phone in her lap. I averted my eyes from her so I wouldn’t seem like a creep. That’s when my cell phone went off. I unlocked it and saw a message from her. Before I opened it, I glanced at her to see if she was watching me, and she was.

You in the mood for dessert? A broad smile painted my face as I eyed her message. I was shocked at how hard she came at me, but I couldn’t deny my interest in her. Before I responded, I looked in her direction again, but this time she was gone, so I assumed she went to the ladies’ room. I immediately got excited about what was about to go down if I played my cards right, so I tapped my screen to respond.

That depends. You offering to treat me? As I eyed the dots on my screen and waited for her to respond, I fantasized about all the things I wanted to do to her. My fantasy was interrupted by a video of her playing with her neatly manicured pussy in the bathroom. My dick immediately hardened, and suddenly the lessons I learned from the bullshit I went through with Kiandra went out the window. Aurora was sexy as fuck, so it was hard for me to fight the temptation.

You’re such a tease.

I’m not teasing you, baby. That was an invitation.

Oh really? You sure your husband won’t mind?

What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. You coming or what? My leg bounced as I tried to decide if I was going to tow the lines between business and pleasure again. What Kiandra tried to do to me should have been enough to deter me, but I was still a man who was overdue for some new pussy. That short relationship I had with Deandra when we were working together in Chicago was just an appetizer. I was ready for the full-course meal and Aurora looked like she did the body good like soul food. Jarrah did encourage me to move on, and even though this was not what she meant, it was what was available to me. I stood up out of my seat and walked over to the hostess to inform her to let my party know I was running to the bathroom for a minute if they came before I was done with Aurora. They had been late to our meeting anyway, so I was okay with making them wait for me for a while. I had a beautiful Blasian goddess waiting for me in the ladies’ room, so I couldn’t waste any time.

When I approached the ladies’ room, I knocked on the door and waited for a response before I opened it. Aurora immediately opened the door for me with an innocent look on her face. It was ironic how the most innocent-looking women usually were the most devilish ones. I should have been weary of fucking a married woman while her husband was in the vicinity, but lust had overcome me the moment I saw her staring at me from across the restaurant. I looked around to make sure no one saw me come to the ladies’ room. Then, I walked in. Aurora stepped back slowly as she gazed into my eyes. I kept my eyes on her as I stood in front of her. She brought her panties from behind her and dangled them in my face like I was a wild bull she was taunting. I stepped closer to her, grabbed her by her neck, and pressed her into the door. She locked the door as I lifted her a bit and held her in place so I could give her a quickie. I liked the thrill of fucking her while her husband was in the building, but I didn’t want to take the chance of him coming to look for her, so I knew I had to make it quick. Although I wanted to put my dick in her throat first, I knew I didn’t have time for that.

“You sure you wanna do this,” I asked her to make sure I was getting her consent. I didn’t want a repeat of what happened with Kiandra.

“I’ve never been so sure in my life,” she responded. What she said turned me on so much my dick jump. I loved it when a woman was feigning for me like I was crack. As I pinned her against the door with my left hand. I undid my pants with my right hand. As soon as my dick was free, I slid a condom on it and penetrated her pussy. I exhaled hard as her walls encased my dick. Her shit was tight and wet, it almost felt like I was in her raw. I began stroking her slowly at first, so my dick could get used to being in new pussy. My shit could be shy sometimes, so I hoped it stayed hard without the warmup I usually needed.

“I know that’s not all you got, Mr. Carter. Fuck me like you mean it,” Aurora commanded. She caught me by surprise with what she said, but my dick had been excited to give her what she wanted. I sped up my pace like I put my shit in second gear. Aurora tongued me down, so she must have liked what I was giving her. It boosted my ego a bit, so I plunged into her deeper and with more force.

“Hell yeah! That’s it, baby. Keep it right there,” she praised. I kept the rhythm I was at as I fondled her small breasts through her dress. She pulled her straps down and freed them, so I could stimulate them with my tongue. I didn’t hesitate to suck on her light brown nipples.

“Fuck,” I groaned as I pumped into her wetness. Even through the condom I was wearing, she felt good as hell. I was almost at climax, but I prayed my dick didn’t give out on me too soon. I knew this was a quickie, but I didn’t want it to be over just yet. Aurora held onto my neck as she bounced on my dick. I stepped back from the door slowly, so she could go to work. She rode me like this was a rodeo, and she was trying to win the prize. It took so much out of me not to bust all in her good-ass pussy. I held onto her waist and assisted her.

“Oooo, fuck! I’m about to cum,” she whined in a low tone. A part of me was happy because I was ready to erupt, but I didn’t want to stop. I was used to going a few rounds while having sex, so quickies weren’t my thing. However, I was happy to get what I could after not having sex for over a week. Deandra was the last person I slept with, and although she was unhinged, she had some amazing pussy. However, Aurora had something more that made me crave her even while I was inside her. It was dangerous as hell for me to feel like that, but I liked the thrill of it all. After a couple of minutes, I could feel her walls pulsate around my dick while she became more slippery.

“Aaaah,” she sang as she creamed on my manhood. I dug into her deeper before ejaculating. I stayed inside her and pressed her back into the door. Then, I kissed her lips and moved down to her neck, shoulder, and then her breasts.

“I want you. I want you to be mine,” I unintentionally whispered to her. I immediately felt embarrassed by what I said. For a while, she was silent, which made me nervous. Then, she winded her hips on me as she sucked on my tongue.

To Be Continued...

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After the Hurricane


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