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Sneak Peek from Pretty Privilege

*Excerpt from Chapter 2: Fresh Meat*

When I arrived at the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity house, I was amazed at all the young Black students that were gathered there. I could hear the new song The London by Young Thug playing from outside the house. This was my first time coming to a college party, so I was like a fish out of water. The events I was used to were family oriented and classy. My parents were strict, so I didn’t have experiences at parties with people my own age. They kept my brothers and me sheltered, so it wasn’t a surprise SJ would get a girl pregnant once he moved out of our family home. When you were a product of strict parents, you tended to go wild once you got a taste of freedom. I was thirsty for some freedom, but I wasn’t willing to alter my future like my brother. As I walked into the party, all eyes were on me. I was rocking an all-black Bebe tube dress that hugged my curves and came right above my knees, with the new black and white Air Jordan 8s, Quai 54 that dropped in June. I didn’t want to look too much like a snobby rich girl at my first college party, so I dressed light. My hair was in box braids that came down to my hips. I was gorgeous, even though I wasn’t trying hard. God damn she bad as hell! I don’t remember freshmen being that fine when I was a freshman, I heard a guy whisper to the guy next to him. I mean mugged him briefly before I rolled my eyes. They both chuckled, and the second guy shouted, “Fuck you then! We don’t want yo black ass anyway,” as I walked past them. I ignored them and kept walking. It was typical for guys to act like that when they got rejected. Knowing good and well if I gave them the time of day, they’d hop, skip, and jump for the chance to get at me. Those were the ones I stayed away far from. They were nothing but trouble and were never worth the headache. Besides, I’d never be attracted to someone who would insult my complexion like it was a bad thing to be dark-skinned. I loved my umber skin tone, and nobody was going to take that away from me. I wanted to fly under the radar until I got used to being in college, but it was looking like that wouldn’t be possible. I wasn’t surprised since it was the story of my life. I was probably the only young girl who hated attention, especially when I was put on the spot against my wishes. All my life, I was always put on the spot, whether people were complimenting me or recognizing me for being a Hall or a model. Everywhere I went, I felt like I was always being watched or fussed over. I didn’t know why I thought it would be different in college. When I got deeper into the house, I arrived in a room where the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority was strutting, as they called it in sororities when they performed choreographed dances to show their pride. My eyes immediately landed on Natasha, who seemed to be in her element. It was weird seeing her in a different setting, but I liked it. She seemed to be truly herself as she whined her hips and flipped her unnaturally auburn hair. Seeing her embrace this side of her made me smile. “You must like what you see,” a deep voice whispered in my ear, as I watched Natasha’s sorority perform. I immediately looked back to see who dared to be inappropriately close enough to me, to whisper in my ear. My eyes scanned the handsome face of a guy who looked to be at least six feet tall. I knew because I was five feet and ten inches, and he wasn’t too much taller than me. He was slim with tawny beige skin, and green eyes. His smile made my heart flutter as I stared at his perfect white teeth. I was at a loss for words because this was my first time feeling this way about a guy. “You must be new here. I would remember if I saw a girl as beautiful as you,” he continued. Without my permission, my lips curled up into a smile. “I’m Dex! I’m a sophomore. Who are you,” he asked me as he offered me his hand. I could tell he was raised by a good family because he offered me his right hand like a trained gentleman. I slowly placed my hand in his as I stared into his jade-green eyes. “Nice to meet you, Dex. I’m Zuri,” I answered, purposely leaving out my last name. I didn’t want him to treat me differently once he found out who my family was. “Zuri, hunh? A name fitting a queen as beautiful as you,” he complimented. I looked at him as if he was the Messiah. “Has anybody ever told you, you have mesmerizing eyes, Zuri,” he inquired as he examined me through curious eyes. At that moment, I knew he was going to be trouble. I rarely got compliments on my eyes because I had dark brown eyes, and people were always too busy staring at my face to pay them any attention. I knew if I weren’t careful, this guy was going to be my undoing. I was a strong-minded, intelligent young woman. Pick-up lines were no match for me. I needed to channel my mother’s flirtatious nature and show Dex who I was. “That’s usually not the compliment I get, but… I do own a mirror, so I know better than anyone my eyes are beautiful, so… yeah,” I replied, being impressed with myself. I never flirted with a guy before, so what I said was pure instinct. Dex chuckled at my comment. “Okay. I see getting at you won’t be easy… but that’s expected from a girl like you,” he retorted. “A girl like me,” I questioned as I scowled at him. I hated when people thought they could read me after one interaction with me. “Yeah. You’re the hard-to-get type,” he elaborated. He wasn’t wrong, but probably not for the reasons he had in mind. I was hard to get, but that was mostly because of my family. They worked overtime to make sure boys kept their distance from me. My mother was always drilling in my head how holding onto my virginity made me better than girls that didn’t. I didn’t agree, but I held onto it anyway, mostly out of fear of the unknown. “Oh, really?” “Yes, really. That’s okay though… I like a challenge,” he flirted. I anchored my attention on his mysterious jade-green eyes for a few seconds. “Well… Mr. Dex, liking a challenge, and being able to handle a challenge are two different things,” I retorted as I reeled him in through mesmerizing eyes. I didn’t know where that came from, but it worked so I was cool with it. He flashed his perfect white teeth as he stared at me. Then, he leaned in until he was a few centimeters from my lips. “Uhm, I bet your lips taste so sweet,” he whispered into my mouth. Then, he held his head back up as I stayed in that spot like a fool. He had me where he wanted me. I lost this battle already. “Well, Ms. Zuri… I’ll see you around,” he smirked. Then, he disappeared into the crowd. I stared at the back of his head until I was pulled out of my daze. “Did I just see you talking to Dexter Malone,” Natasha questioned. I was so caught up on Dex, I didn’t even see her approach me. “Dexter Malone, hunh,” I asked as I kept my eyes in his direction. “Yeah, that’s him. He’s one of the most popular guys at this school. I’ve had a crush on him since I got here. Shit, every girl does,” she explained. Hearing those words snapped me out of my head. The popular boys were always the worst ones to go after. Girls would do anything to get his attention. Dexter made a good impression on me, but I wasn’t willing to compete for him, or anyone for that matter. Natasha locked arms with me and turned me in the opposite direction. “Come on, Z! Let me introduce you to my friends,” she announced to me. I took one last look at Dexter as guys from the fraternity surrounded him. As if he could feel me hanging onto his energy, he looked at me, winked, and smiled. Then, he turned his attention back to his frat brothers. At that moment, I knew things were going to get interesting for me at SCSU.

To Be Continued...


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