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  • Signed Copy of the paperback book, Who Do You Love?: Jarrah's Choice, book 5 in the Two Monogamous series.
  • Signed by author S. R. Graham
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Synopsis: In Who Do You Love? Jarrah’s Choice, book 5 of the Two Monogamous series, Dario is forced to pay the consequences for his crimes as he tries to figure out who dropped the ball on him. Dustin stresses over his brother’s fate while he deals with Jarrah’s grief, and his unforgivable indiscretions. Theresa and Andrius work on their relationship as Andrius try to find his role within the group, and his purpose in life. Deandra seeks retribution for her husband as she figures out how to bring her little family back together again. Jerrell battles between his old self and the person he has become since Jarrah comes into his life and creates a domino effect, giving him back everything he lost. Ms. Carter comes to Chicago to find her son, Quincy, only to learn that he’s been killed, and she’s faced with a past mistake she can’t outrun. Annalise struggles to be the backbone of her family as the nightmare of her life returns with a vengeance.  Jarrah deals with the loss of her beloved mother while facing the realities of her life with the twins. As she gets closer to them, it becomes challenging to decide where her heart lies. Will Jarrah be able to choose who she loves most? Or will her history with them continue to repeat itself?

Who Do You Love? Jarrah's Choice (Signed)

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