In I Call It Karma, book 2 of the Two Monogamous series, Dario unravels when he gets news that Jarrah has run off with his twin brother to live happily ever after. Two weeks have passed since he's seen Jarrah and he's fallen into a deep depression. His days without her are spent sulking in the discomfort of his home. Until Theresa makes a home visit to pull him out of his misery and into the streets of Chicago to look for her best friend. Theresa doesn't buy that Jarrah ran off with Dustin. She suspects that something else has happened to her friend. Now, she has to team up with the people that knows Jarrah the best in order to bring her back home safely. Getting Jarrah's ex-husband, Quincy on board wasn't going to be a piece of cake, but they have to do it. While they search for Jarrah, Dario’s troublesome past comes back to haunt him. Theresa deals with an illness that could cut her time on earth short. And Quincy gets even with his enemies, Dario and Dustin. Will Dario, Theresa, and Quincy work together to find Jarrah and Dustin, or is Jarrah's future doomed for good?  This is a signed copy of I Call It Karma.

I Call It Karma (Signed)