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  • Black Irish Rose eBook, book 7 of The Two Monogamous series
  • PDF Download of Black Irish Rose
  • Synopsis: In Black Irish Rose, book 7 of The Two Monogamous series, Marcus finally gets a chance at the spotlight as he deals with the aftermath of the war Quincy pulls him into, only to leave him stranded in Deandra’s psychologically incapable hands. Marcus goes through trials to find himself again after dealing with the failures of his life. After keeping his distance from his adopted mother Bethany for almost 10 years, he returns home to reconcile his differences with her after realizing she was right to keep his biological parents a secret from him. Being rejected by Monalisa and Quincy takes its toll on him, but his mother encourages him to get his life back on track. Marcus returns to his old stomping grounds (Hinsdale Central High School) to become the new creative writing and poetry instructor. After he secures his new job as a teacher, he runs into his old crush Nathaniel Tucker, who is the PE teacher and coach at their old high school. Nathaniel is a gorgeous jewel-tone-skinned ex-NFL quarterback who vows to make Marcus his when he gets the chance. Nathaniel’s reappearance in his life makes Marcus believe fate is on his side to grant him his happily ever after. Marcus and Nathaniel’s intense and thrilling love story continues until it is interrupted by Marcus’ past when he gets a visit from someone from his past who was supposed to be dead. This visit exposes secrets, rehashes old beef with the mob family Quincy recreated ties with, and forces a dysfunctional family to come together. Will Marcus escape the drama of his brother’s revenge and finally get the happy ending he’s always wanted with the love of his life? Or will the secrets from his past hold him hostage in a war he is ill-equipped to be in?

Black Irish Rose eBook

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