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  • Signed Copy of the paperback book, After the Hurricane, book 6 of the Two Monogamous series.
  • Signed by author S. R. Graham
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  • Synopsis: In the Two Monogamous series, Quincy is known for his villainous qualities. However, in After the Hurricane, book 6 of The Two Monogamous series, you get to see him in a new light as he deals with his life after his divorce from Jarrah. After Jarrah puts a stop to the war between The Vargas Brothers and their enemies, Quincy has to deal with his failures after the disastrous hurricane he caused for Jarrah, Dario, and Dustin. Along the way, he meets two love interests (Kiandra Blake and Aurora Torres). Aurora Torres is his beautiful, classy Blasian accountant who he sees as Jarrah’s replacement, and vows to take her from her husband and make her Mrs. Carter. Kiandra Blake is the seductive, sable-skinned Jamaican assistant who falsely accuses him of sexual harassment, but he forgives her and continues his sexual relationship with her after she apologizes and confesses her feelings to him. Quincy doesn’t see her as marriage material at first, but he also doesn’t want to cut ties with her. While juggling two beautiful women, Quincy attempts to fix his relationship with Monalisa (his mother) and becomes the model son when he allows her to move in with him after she loses his childhood home. To prove to Jarrah and himself that he can be the man Mama Charmaine raised him to be, he makes the conscious decision to change himself until his therapist tells him he’s a narcissist and blasts him for only wanting to change for Jarrah to give him another chance. Quincy immediately rejects this diagnosis given his upbringing and Jarrah’s betrayal. However, an encounter with Kiandra makes him look at himself through a new lens, and he begins to question whether his therapist is right about him. Then, he vows to change himself for good. This time, not for Jarrah, but for himself and his future family. Will Quincy redeem himself? Or will his narcissistic tendencies keep him stuck in his own way?
  • Coming August 30, 2023!

After the Hurricane

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