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An Office Scandal | Chapter 14

*A brief look into Jarrah's life with Dustin* *An Excerpt from Who Do You Love? Jarrah's Choice.*

I sat quietly and watched her as she pecked at her keyboard. Everything this woman did was sexy to me. Watching her hard at work made me want to get a sample of her honey, so I quietly walked over to her office door and locked it so I could give her a quickie. When I sat back down, she glanced at me and smirked, letting me know she knew what I was up to, and she was down. I flashed her a one cheek smile before she went back to her work.

After twenty minutes, she looked up from the computer screen and said, “Done!”

“Good. Now come over here and sit on your man’s lap,” I commanded. She flickered a toothy smile as she made her way over to me. I wrapped my arms around her slim waist as she straddled me. I pulled her into me and dipped my tongue in her mouth. Although I was getting my fill of her daily, I missed kissing and touching her. Those months I spent without making love to her were hard. That’s why I stayed up in her guts every chance I got. I was thankful she had the sexual appetite to keep up with me because I was always craving her sex. With Dario away, I had plenty of moments to spend with her alone, so I took advantage of it.

I zipped down her long-sleeved dress and stroked her soft exposed skin. Then, I kissed her belly button to her neck. I licked her neck as she slammed her eyes shut and threw her head back to give me full access to her erogenous zones. After a few minutes, I made my way down to her breasts and grabbed two handfuls. I flicked my tongue across her nipples. I sucked on them like they were filled with holy water, and I was desperate for a blessing. Jarrah’s body shuddered underneath my tongue, so I knew she was ready for more. I pushed her thong to the side and cuffed her thighs in my inner elbow sockets. Then, I wrapped my hands around her lower arms. I bent my head down and began feasting on her agave nectar. She was wetter than she ever was, so her juices trickled onto my beard. I didn’t mind it at all though. I dug into her like she was my last meal.

“Aaaah,” she moaned quietly as she held my head in place.

I was happy she trusted me enough to hold her up the way I was. I was a big nigga, so it was nothing to me. I rested my top lip on the bridge of her clitoris hood and massaged her clit with my wet tongue. I felt her stomach become tense, so I knew what was up. I went in on her clit as she squirmed. I tightened my grip on her thighs and arms to lock her in. If she thought I was going to let her run from me, she was a damn liar. I needed to give her a few orgasms while we were in this office, so she could think of me all day, every day. Marcus may have thought he was slick, but I was most certain he didn’t stand a chance with Jarrah. I wasn’t going to give her a reason to look elsewhere. Dario was the only one I was somewhat okay with sharing her with, but even that didn’t sit well with me. I tongued her clit down until she came three times. After I was done with her, she wouldn’t even be able to get her work done. I was going to make her orgasm until she was a zombie, one-track-minded, and incapable of thinking of anything but me.

When I got my fill of her sweet juices, I lifted my head up and allowed her to lick her potion off my tongue. I still had her fluids in my beard, but she didn’t seem to mind it, so I decided to leave it there until we were finished. After she was done sampling her addicting secretions, she immediately freed my hard shaft from my boxers and pushed my dick into her throbbing pussy. I almost lost my grip because she felt immaculate. No matter how many times I entered her, I was always shocked at how perfect her pussy was. For some reason, it felt even better today. I assumed it was because she was turned on by my spontaneous visit to her office. Jarrah liked public sex a lot more than she did when I first met her. I was glad because I always had a hard-on for her no matter where we were. I was in love, so it came with the territory. I wasn’t one of those niggas who lusted after every beautiful woman I saw. I only had eyes for the woman I loved. Well, aside from my latest mishap. But I was my freakiest self when I was making love to the woman I loved.

As I got deeper, her well overflowed on my shit. We just started and she was already orgasming. It boosted my ego a little bit because my head game was what got her there. My thirst for her to be addicted to my sex led me to be greedy whenever I was fucking her. I pumped into her as she mesmerized me with her bright hazel eyes. This was supposed to be a quickie, but it was turning into a regular session. I was glad her co-workers didn’t disturb us. However, I knew I had to finish this quickly before we were rudely interrupted. Jarrah must’ve had the same idea because she wrapped her legs around my neck and held onto her ankles. I accepted her invitation and plunged deeper into her abyss.

“Yeah! Right there,” she whispered to me as we held eye contact. It took everything in me not to fuck my name out of her mouth. I wanted to hear her scream, but I knew this wasn’t the place for all that. Jarrah was a freak, but she was still professional.

“Your shit is divine,” I told her as I stirred my dick into her honeypot. Her walls pulsated so much it felt like it would cave on my shit. I struggled to hold my nut. I wanted to get her there a few times before I came.

“Shit, Dustin. You about to make me cum,” she admitted as tears stained her face. Her body jerked five seconds after. I kissed her lips and stood up with her legs still wrapped around my neck. She grabbed onto my neck and thrust her hips on me while I plowed into her. I bent my knees a bit so I could fuck her at an angle. Her mouth parted as I stroked her deeper, but nothing came out. I could tell she wanted to yell. I brought her legs down and locked them into the cuff of my elbows again and bounced her on my dick. We both breathed heavily in the place of our moans.

“Mmmm,” she whined as we clashed into each other. If I didn’t stop this soon, I was going to forget where we were. As Jarrah held onto my neck, I got entranced by her passionate gaze. I was trying to convey my emotions to her telepathically, and I felt in my soul she understood me. Jarrah knew I loved her more than anything, and she knew I fell deeper in love with her every time we made love.

“I want you to have my baby, Jarrah,” I unintentionally said to her. I was caught up in the moment and said what was on my mind. My heart was pounding as I waited for her response.

To Be Continued...

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