Jarrah Harper, a newly divorced young woman, embarks on a journey to escape the pain from losing her ex-husband Quincy. She moves from the countryside of Atlanta to the big city of Chicago to work for her college friend Theresa Martine as editor in chief of Theresa's magazine, Her World Magazine. Along the way, she meets a handsome, charming, almost too good to be true man named Dustin, who opens her up to new, bold, and steamy adventures that makes her question the woman she is becoming. Dustin gives Jarrah a double dose of a perfect man and turns her life upside down in ways she had never seen coming. While trying to build a new life with Dustin, Jarrah finds herself in the middle of a secret competitive love triangle that brings jealousy, obsession, hidden intentions, and an old love that just won't die. Will Jarrah lose herself amid trying to save everyone else or will she self-sacrifice to the point of no return?


This copy of Two Monogamous will be signed by the author, S. R. Graham.

Two Monogamous (Signed)

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