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Why I Write Romance

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with romantic relationships and the way they work. Some of the first romance novels I read were the popular novels by the author Zane. I believe I was in high school when I stumbled upon the romance novel Addicted by Zane. I remember reading about couples in her novels and being intrigued by the intimacy between them and their sexual chemistry. I loved reading about the ins and outs of the relationships between these characters. They helped me to gain some perspective about romantic relationships at a young age. I learned a lot through these characters and although I could not yet relate to them, I was able to use their experiences as a guide for my own. While I knew that these characters were fictional and some of the things they experienced were not realistic for me, I was still able to gain insight into the different relationship dynamics. So naturally, when I began to write stories the genre that I chose to explore was romance. I was able to write short stories about things that had not happened in my life. I basically wrote what I wanted my experiences in romantic relationships to be--the typical perfect, traditional relationship.

Like we all tend to do, I had this unrealistic idea of relationships. I would picture myself having this perfect life with this perfect person who would love me unconditionally. However, I soon realized my unrealistic ideas of a relationship would not transpire in my real life. Nevertheless, I still remained a hopeless romantic. I still daydreamed of having the perfect love life with the perfect mate. Now, after having those experiences as an adult, I am able to adjust those perfect ideals to be more realistic. Romance is an important thing to look for in a relationship, but so is having a healthy relationship. I believe unconditional love, coupled with trust, honesty, and communication, among other things are key qualities of a healthy relationship. I love the idea of spending time with that special someone, going out on dates, or staying in for a more intimate evening. Those are things that can keep the romance alive.

Since I've always been a romantic, writing romance stories makes sense to me. I enjoy creating characters with different personalities to see how they would match up in relationships. Exploring various obstacles for the characters to face in their relationships is probably my favorite thing about writing romance novels. It makes the stories intriguing and realistic, allowing for my audience to become emotionally invested in the stories. I love that I am able to evoke certain emotions in my audience. It makes my stories relatable and entertaining. Being a romance writer is enjoyable to me because I get to create stories from my imagination and share them with people that share my excitement for bringing the characters and stories to life. I couldn't choose a better genre for me to write. Although romance isn't the only genre I am interested in writing. I will definitely explore more genres further into my writing career. But for now, my favorite genre to write is the romance genre.

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