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Face-Off Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek of book 4 in the Two Monogamous series, Face Off. This sneak peek is an excerpt from Chapter 19: A Silent Confession.

When Dri returned to the bathroom, he sat a dozen individually wrapped condoms on the counter of the sink, next to the shower, so he’d be able to reach out and get them as he needed them. Then, he carefully stepped into the shower behind Theresa. She immediately faced him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She held her lips close to his and looked up into his eyes. To her, he looked a little sad. With everything going on, Theresa hadn’t stopped to check on Andrius to see how he was doing, mentally. He had been her rock since Jarrah first disappeared, so she didn’t even think about his well-being. As she thought about the level of neglect she had shown him, she started to feel bad. She stroked his cheek with her thumb and pecked him on his succulent lips. Andrius pulled her so close to him that she could feel his dick throbbing.

“Andrius… forgive me for not tending to your needs all this time,” she said to him. He was stunned to hear those words from her. Andrius didn’t know what made Theresa say what she said, but he appreciated her for recognizing that she had neglected him.

“I’ve been so consumed with my own shit that I didn’t consider you, and for that I’m sorry. I’ve been a terrible partner to you, but I’m going to make it up to you right now,” Theresa added. Before Andrius could react, she had taken the condom out of his hand, opened it, and carefully slid it onto his dick. Then, she wrapped her hands around his thick, rigid shaft, and licked the head of it as she looked up at him.

“I love you, Andrius,” she said before slowly easing her mouth onto his dick. Dri closed his eyes as the warmth from her breath hugged his manhood, making him submit to pleasure. Theresa gently slid her mouth back and forth on his dick as she swallowed more of it each time. She moved at a slow pace, making tender love to Andrius’s dick. It felt so good that it made Dri feel like he was floating on a soft cloud in the sky. Theresa’s gentleness proved the sincerity in her words. She evoked her emotion in Andrius’s heart by deep throating all 11 inches of him. Dri slid his fingers through her hair and massaged her scalp as she sucked him off thoroughly. She alternated between deep throating him, sliding her wet mouth along the side of his shaft, and sucking on his head. All of Dri’s thoughts were gone as Theresa freed his mind with her phenomenal head.

“Oooo, shit, Tee! That feels so fuckin’ good, baby,” Andrius said as he leaned into the glass wall of the shower, so he could hold himself up. Theresa was sucking his dick so good that she was making him weak. He could barely hold himself up.

Andrius grabbed Theresa’s curly hair and mindlessly pumped into her mouth, making her gag on his dick like he liked it. She felt so good that he forgot he was wearing a condom. You could hear her saliva sloshing around in her mouth as she sped up her pace. Andrius bit into his bottom lip and looked up at the ceiling. Thoughts of his father lying in the hospital bed fighting for his life, and Jerrell saying the cruel things he said about their father polluted his mind. All he wanted was to escape the nightmares of his life. Theresa’s throat was a portal to the Eden he wished to escape to. Andrius tightened his grip on Theresa’s hair and sped up his pace. He fucked her in her mouth like it was her pussy, and she took it like a champ.

“Mmm, shit! Fuck, Tee,” Andrius growled as he came hard. He looked down at Theresa as she slowed her pace and sucked his creamy cum out of him, and into the condom. This was one of the times when Andrius saw the condom as something that separated him from Theresa. He had wished that she could swallow his seed, and ingest his DNA. In his mind, that would make them closer. But, she never left him dissatisfied with her skills, so he had nothing to complain about. He reached down and wrapped his hands around her face to guide her up. She held onto his wrist and stood up off the shower floor. They made out as he squeezed her ass cheeks, and spanked her in between.

“Damn, you keep showing off like that and I’m gonna have to make you my wife,” Andrius said after they broke away from each other. Theresa smiled.

“I wouldn’t be mad at that,” Theresa responded. Andrius stared at her for a while.

“I love you so fuckin’ much, Tee,” he whispered to her. Theresa scanned his eyes and could see that he wasn’t okay, but she didn’t want to ruin the moment, so she decided to save it for when they were done. It had been a while since Andrius and her had sex, so she wanted to give him what she knew he needed.

“Show me, then,” she responded. Then, they kissed deeply, and passionately as Andrius removed the used condom from his dick. Then, he switched it with a new one.

To Be Continued...

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