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Face-Off Description

Here's a detailed description of book 4 of the Two Monogamous series, Face-Off

In Face-Off, we pick up where Drown the Lovers left off, where Deandra is getting ready to go to the reopening of Secret Rendezvous so she can get revenge on the people she holds responsible for Isabelle's untimely murder. Losing Isabelle affects her massively and causes her to go on a rampage, misplacing her anger at the wrong people. Behind Jerrell, Dario, and Dustin's back, she infiltrates their scavenger hunt and makes a beeline toward Jarrah to make them suffer the only way she knew how. As Jerrell rushes through the maze of Secret Rendezvous to get back to Jarrah, he realizes that he made the wrong decision by leaving her unattended. Whoever was on the other side of the text message he got from Isabelle's number sent him on a rat race, so he would leave Jarrah vulnerable. By the time he makes it back to the Sinful Pleasures room, Jarrah is gone. The only thing left is a pile of her clothes and a letter he can't bring himself to open. As he picks the letter up, Dario and Dustin make it to the room. Dario charges at Jerrell once he sees that Jarrah is nowhere to be found, but Jerrell is so shaken up about Jarrah's disappearance that he isn't behaving like the calculated Jerrell the twins knew.

After not getting the answers they seek from Jerrell, Dustin snatches the letter from Jerrell's hand and reads it. That's when he realizes that Deandra was the one who wrote it. Once they get to the bottom of why Deandra took Jarrah, the three of them set out to rescue Jarrah before it's too late. Annalise arrives at Isabelle's office after seeing that she was nowhere to be found in the rest of the club. When she sees that Isabelle's office is empty, she gives up on her search. Then, her attention is turned to monitors that reveal Jarrah and Deandra's location, so she runs to Jarrah's rescue. Annalise could immediately see that Deandra wasn't all there when she gets to the room, but she makes a decision that causes the twins and Jerrell to rush to the room. When they get there they rush to Jarrah's aid.

After things are settled with Jarrah, the twins finally have a face-to-face encounter with Jerrell to get the answers they were looking for. Jerrell realizes that forgiveness was impossible for him after he is forced to reveal a secret to the twins. In the midst of this encounter, Dustin decides to get answers to why Deandra and Jerrell betrayed him in the past, and decides to forgive them for what they did to him, but not what they did to Jarrah. After forbidding them to stay away from his family, he leaves the club with Dario. Jerrell and Deandra get close and make a huge decision that neither of them expected to make. Because of this, their future seems bright in a way that only makes sense to them.

Jarrah is returned back to her family. However, the drama is just beginning when she finds out what her mother had been keeping from her. This secret brings the group close together. However, Dario and Jarrah seem to drift apart from each other when he starts to suspect that something happened between Jerrell and her. Andrius and Theresa overcome a huge obstacle in enough time to work together to protect each other and Jarrah. Jerrell and Deandra set their sight on revenge again but find themselves on different pages after Jerrell gets everything he's ever wanted in life. Jerrell makes a decision that Deandra doesn't agree with, but she decides to support him after they finally open up to each other and realize that their bond is unbreakable.

After they are sent an invitation from Secret Rendezvous, Jarrah decides to lead the twins on a scavenger hunt of her own to fix things between Dario and her. Dustin has an epiphany after watching his brother and Jarrah make up. This leads him to do something he later regrets. After having a great night with Dario, Jarrah returns home to the worst news of her life. If that isn't bad enough, Dario's actions come with consequences that he never thought he'd have to face. Just as things were looking up for the Vargas twins and their frenemies, they are hit with a double dose of reality that changes their lives forever.

Two Monogamous, book 4, Face-Off is filled with an enthralling storyline, compelling characters, mind-blowing plot twists, steamy sex scenes, and attention-grabbing drama. Purchase your copy to immerse yourself into the imaginative world of the Two Monogamous series. If you haven't already, check out books 1-3 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble before reading book 4, Face-Off. Trust me. You won't want to miss out on what the Varga twins and their family and friends have to offer.

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