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Another Sneak Peek from Face-Off

Here's an excerpt from Chapter 37: Epiphany...

Suddenly, Dustin was broken out of his trance by the sound of heels clicking and clacking down the hallway. He swiftly looked back and saw the silhouette of a woman coming toward him. She was wearing a black lace bodystocking and all-black stiletto heels. Her walk looked familiar to Dustin, but he couldn’t quite see her face since she was far away from him. He stood in place and watched her as she slowly approached him. When she got closer, she became more visible to him, and it was clear why her walk seemed familiar to him. Dustin immediately thought of his last encounter with her and became anxious to find out why she was approaching him.

“I’m shocked to see you here, Dusty,” she said with a smile on her face. Dustin was alarmed by her friendliness considering how they left things when they last saw each other.

“I can say the same thing about you, Debbie,” Dustin responded. Deborah smiled and Dustin remembered why Dario and he was so smitten with her early in their relationship with her. Deborah Michaelson was charming and beautiful. She had a supermodel-like figure, and her skin was exquisitely melanated like the sun Gods favored her.

“Well… since my old plaything threw me away like I was last year’s trash, I had to come out and find something new to toy with,” she stated. Dustin surveyed her body. For some reason, she looked more attractive than usual. It could have been the fact that he had just gotten rejected, but she was turning him on.

“You definitely ain’t nobody’s trash,” Dustin mumbled as if Deborah couldn’t hear him. Deborah giggled.

“What are you doing here, Mr. Vargas? I assumed that you’d be too consumed with fighting your brother over what’s her name.”

“Let’s not pretend that you don’t know her name… and, I’m sort of here because of her.” Deborah looked Dustin up and down so she could read him. She could tell that drama was in the air, and she wanted to be a part of it for her own amusement.

“If that’s the case, then where is she,” Deborah asked. Dustin flexed the muscles in his jaw.

“With Dario,” he mumbled. Deborah smirked. Then, she shifted her weight from her left leg to her right.

“Oh, I see. They’re having fun without you,” Deborah concluded. Dustin didn’t respond. She could tell that Dustin was feeling a way about Jarrah and Dario being together.

“I see nothing’s changed.”

“What are you talking about, Debbie?”

“You’re still making sacrifices for Dario even though he doesn’t deserve it,” Deborah explained. Dustin furrowed his brows at her.

“That’s the thing, Debbie. The Dario that is in love with Jarrah isn’t the same Dario that you knew. So, you can’t say what he does or doesn’t deserve,” Dustin retorted. Deborah paused to analyze what he said.

“Doesn’t that piss you off,” she questioned. Dustin stared at her for a few seconds in silence. He hadn’t realized that he was salty about his brother’s sudden change. Before, Dario’s behavior justified his feelings about him, but now he felt bad for being jealous of his brother.

“What’s your motive, Deb? Why are you even talking to me? I thought you were done with us.”

“Technically, I said I was done with Dario. I never said that about you. And, I don’t have a motive. I’m just making conversation with an old friend,” Deborah stated through a sneaky smile. Dustin exhaled deeply as he stared into Deborah’s tempting eyes.

“Don’t act as if you care about me. Dario was the one you were in love with. I was just the cherry on top,” Dustin countered, saying the words he wished he could speak to Jarrah.

“That’s not true in the slightest. Let’s not forget that you were the one that cut our relationship off. Not the other way around,” Deborah reminded him.

“What relationship? You were just another client that was obsessed with fucking twins,” Dustin spat, stinging Deborah a little bit.

“That’s not true, Dusty. I loved you!”

“You loved my brother,” Dustin yelled at her. Before he realized it, he had pinned Deborah to the wall. He was losing it. Realizing that Jarrah loved Dario more was really messing with him.

“I loved you too, Dustin. And I still do,” Deborah whispered to him. Their lips were centimeters apart since Dustin had her pinned against the wall. Deborah kissed him softly, and he returned her kiss. Dustin was acting out of anger and frustration. He was upset about what was going down in the Sadistic Tendencies room. It had felt good to have Jarrah to himself while Dario kept his distance from her. Now, he had to share her again. When he realized what he was doing, he pulled away from Deb and stared at her.

“Please! Don’t stop. You know you want this as much as I do. For once in your life… stop being the good guy and be selfish for a change,” Deborah convinced him. Dustin thought about what she had said. Deborah was right. Dustin was always putting everyone else’s needs before his own, but especially Jarrah and Dario’s. Part of him wanted to submit to his fleeting desires, and the other part of him wanted to walk away because Deborah wasn’t the one he wanted. Dustin’s desires were stronger than his will to refrain from cheating on Jarrah again, so he followed Debbie’s advice and decided to give her what she wanted as they stood in the middle of the hallway, near Isabelle’s office at club Secret Rendezvous.

To Be Continued...

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