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50 Shades of Jarrah | Chapter 36

*A brief look into Jarrah's life with Dario* *An excerpt from Face-Off*

One by one, Dario locked Jarrah’s wrists into the handcuffs that were attached to the steel suspension bar that was hanging from the ceiling in the Sadistic Tendencies room of Secret Rendezvous. After she was secured, he circled around her as he thought about what to do to her first. There were so many things he wanted to try with her that he was a bit overwhelmed with what he wanted to start with. Jarrah kept her eyes on him as she tried to be patient. She was craving him terribly, so the anticipation was crazy. All she wanted was to feel him deep inside her again. Her body heated up at the thought of the last time they had sex in the parking garage of her condominium. It seemed like it was ages ago that they had given her security guard a show that he would never forget. Jarrah had changed so much from the woman she was a few months ago. The woman she was back then was timid, uncertain, and confined to what Quincy had molded her into. The woman she was now was liberated, confident, fearless, and sexually adept. There was still so much for her to experience, but she had experienced so much since she had met the twins. Because of them, she was open to new things, and she craved the adventure and thrill that came with dating two men at once.

Finally, Dario stopped in front of Jarrah and cupped her cheek into his hand as he stroked it gently. Jarrah shuddered under his soothing touch. She looked at him intently as she anticipated what he would do next. Dario’s other hand made a beeline for Jarrah’s slit as he feasted on her sweet lips. He dipped his fingers into her while they made love with their mouths. Jarrah succumbed to the euphoria that blanketed her body from Dario strumming a beautiful melody on her clitoris. This is what she missed. The way their hearts, souls, minds, and bodies synchronized when they pleased each other. It was like Dario was reading her mind and giving her what she was secretly wishing for. She loved that about both of them. Dario and Dustin were pros at knowing exactly what her body needed without her ever having to say anything to them.

“Aaaah,” Jarrah moaned as she coated Dario’s middle and pointer fingers with her nectar. He immediately brought his fingers to his mouth so he could taste her honey. Jarrah flicked her tongue across his fingers so she could taste herself on him.

“Mmmm, your pussy is so good baby. I want some more of you,” Dario whispered into Jarrah’s mouth. Hearing him say that made her stomach tingle.

“If you want some more of me, you gotta get it from the source,” Jarrah responded. Then, she spread her legs open, giving Dario full access to her pussy. Dario smirked at her. He knew he had unleashed Jarrah’s freaky side the first time they had sex, but he was so pleased with how far she had come. Dario slowly dropped to his knees so he could worship at Jarrah’s holy temple. At this moment, the roles were reversed. She was now dominant and he was submissive. Sometimes sex was just another power struggle between partners. Most of the time, one of the partners was always dominant and the other was always submissive, but in cases like this one, the partners switched roles throughout each encounter, which made for more enjoyable and thrilling sex. Dario didn’t mind it either way. He was instilled with the tools to make any sexual experience a memorable one thanks to Isabelle.

Dario immediately pulled Jarrah’s pearl into his mouth when he was facing her vulva, and gently sucked on it as he fingered her pussy. He pushed her knees up to her chest, so he could dig into her more. Jarrah squirmed as Dario attacked her clit. It felt so good to her that she filled the room with heavenly melodies, which only made Dario go harder. Jarrah came back-to-back on his tongue, and her body became weak. He missed Jarrah so much that he didn’t want to stop. Having this moment with her was all that he could ask for. Although it was just sex, it was still meaningful to him. In fact, it meant the most to him because they overcame so much to get to this point. Dario would have to thank Dustin for giving him the opportunity to make love to Jarrah the way he had been yearning to since Jerrell had taken her away from him. He had so much to make up for, so he was going to make the most out of this opportunity.

“Oooo, shit! Right there,” Jarrah moaned as Dario stayed where she told him to and applied pressure to heighten the pleasure.

“Oooo, yeah,” Jarrah sang as she looked into the Heavens and saw a bright white light. Dario’s head was so good that he was about to introduce Jarrah to her maker before it was time to. After Jarrah came a few more times, he stood up and fed her juices to her off his tongue. Jarrah licked every trace of her DNA from his tongue, lips, and face. Dario wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his erection into her pussy. Jarrah could feel it pulsating through his pants.

“You feel that? He missed you too,” Dario said. Jarrah grinned.

“You don’t know how bad I missed him too. I want you to fuck me so bad, Dario.”

Dario smiled. “I love the sound of my name on your tongue. It’s sexy as fuck,” Dario said to her before tonguing her down.

“Mmmm,” Jarrah whined into his mouth. They were so desperate for each other that they were completely enthralled in the moment. Dario wrapped his hand around Jarrah’s neck and kissed her deeply. Then, he reluctantly broke away from her, so he could survey the room for some tools to help him give her body what it deserved.

Dario adjusted the chain so Jarrah could move around more freely, but her wrists were still cuffed. After that, he pulled a patent leather padded BDSM bench over there for Jarrah and him to use. His goal was to avoid using the bed for as long as he could. He wanted to make use of all of the toys, tools, and equipment that was in there. The chain was loose enough for Jarrah to sit comfortably on the bench. When it was in perfect position, Dario sat on top of the bench and sat Jarrah on his rigid dick, facing him. They both gasped for air as Dario went deeper inside Jarrah’s pussy. Their chests heaved while they stared into each other’s eyes. Their sex was always spectacular, but their connection was even greater. That’s what they missed most about the moments they shared together.

Jarrah slowly rose and fell on Dario’s dick, swallowing more of it with each thrust. To Dario, it felt like she was floating. Her movement was so smooth and effortless, it didn’t seem like she was moving at all, but Dario could feel her loud and clear. Even while being the one in restraints, she overpowered him with her ethereal womanhood. Dario was his most vulnerable self when Jarrah’s walls were pulsating around his dick. There was never anything he could do but surrender to the undeniable power she had over him. Dario was in love with Jarrah, so he didn’t care about their power dynamic. All he cared about was having her in his presence for as long as he could.

“Fuck! I missed this pussy so much. It still feels like the first time,” Dario whispered to Jarrah as she rode him slow and steady. They kept their eyes on each other as they got lost in the way their bodies and souls tangoed with one another.

“You’re the one I’ve missed, Dario. You’re the one I’ve been craving for. The way you feel inside me… is like nothing I’ve ever felt in my life. I don’t want to lose this. Promise me that I’ll never lose this again,” Jarrah begged as a few tears ran down her face. Dario kissed her tears. Hearing her say what she said made things clearer to him. Although Jarrah was in love with both Dustin and him, she loved Dario more. At first, he had thought that he was the only one that fell in love with her at first sight, but now he saw that she fell in love with him that night at the office party. The only thing he had on Dustin was timing. Since Jarrah had met him first, she loved him a little more than she loved his brother, and that was enough for Dario. Even if it were only .5% more, it still meant more to him than anything else in the world. At that moment, he hated that he had spent so much time running from her because he didn’t want to know the truth about Jerrell and her. He hated that he pushed her away and made her feel unwanted. Dario loved Jarrah so much that his emotions went into overdrive when they were going through something, so he couldn’t help but run away from his feelings. They were still new to him, so it was going to take time for him to get used to them. Dario cupped Jarrah’s face into his big, gentle hands while staring into her big doe eyes.

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